7 Ways to Wear a Sweatshirt & Look Hella Cute


What should you wear with a sweatshirt?

Modern fashion is very diverse and rich in trends. Fashion things of different styles, models, and colors enter a world of fashion at the same time. There are plenty options to choose from to create a custom image that is suitable for your particular lifestyle, preferences, and body shape. However, in almost every season, something special “shoots”, becomes the absolute favorite, and then for several years, it bathes in the glory, popularity, and relevance. At this time, it happened with sweatshirt – whether sweaters or knitted blouses. Most models of sweatshirts are made of dense jersey, but there are also knitted and light, summer models. The colors can be different: a solid colored, allegedly washed-out and faded, with a bright print of a tiger or a cute seal, for example, with a logo of a sports team, and flowered. There are millions of choices. The good news is that sweatshirt is a very pliable kind of clothing, so it can be successfully combined with almost everything that you’ve already had in the wardrobe. Do not believe us? Let’s find out what you can wear with a sweatshirt to create dozens of fashionable looks.

With shorts

Try to wear a sweatshirt with short shorts and you’ll see how cute, sexy and stylish it looks. In the warm summer, the sweatshirt can be worn with short denim shorts, light sneakers, platform sandals, or flip-flops. There are truncated models of these fashion sweaters that fit girls with flat tummies. If it’s cool outside, you can wear tights under the shorts (as you did it in the winter) and add short boots or Marant sneakers. This look will be very stylish too.

With short skirts

Short skirts, as well as shorts, are perfectly combined with the sweatshirts. Thick knit is well adjacent to a light chiffon or lace. The sweatshirt may be short, to the waistline, or extended, which will make visible only the edge of a skirt. Platform sandals, sports sneakers, Marant sneakers, or high summer boots will fit for the combination of a sweatshirt and a short skirt.

With long skirts

Do not be surprised, but a sweatshirt can also be worn with a long skirt. Two of the most relevant things of the season – long skirt and sweatshirt – create an interesting and original ensemble. The sweater can be sporty. At the same time, a skirt has a quite sophisticated and pretentious character. The attire should look as if you become cool, and you just put on a sweater. And you have a really fine shirt or blouse underneath. Imaginary negligence is still in vogue.

With skirts of average length

The same situation is with the skirts of average length or just below the knee. With sweatshirt, you can wear a pencil skirt or a bell skirt, and it will be perfect. But this set includes high heels and handbag-clutch.

With jeans

The simplest and the most popular combination is sweatshirt and jeans. Put on your favorite pipes, skinny, boyfriend, blue, dark blue, gray or black jeans and a sweatshirt of the colors that you like. As the accessories, you can add a colorful hat, bracelets, or a belt.

With leggings

Many women choose to wear leggings – they are soft, comfortable, fit perfectly on the body. Put on a sweatshirt and your outfit will be trendy. In addition to this set almost any type of shoes will fit – sandals with high heels, boots, and sneakers.

With trousers

With your favorite trousers, sweatshirt will also look just fine. With this fashionable sweater, you can wear leather cotton, silk, or satin pants. Their color combination should be harmonious.

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