8 Beauty Lifehacks for Clean Skin


What to do if you do not have a favorite tool for skin care at hand? Here are some simple techniques that will help keep your skin fresh and clean without much effort.


8 Beauty Lifehacks for Clean Skin


1. Facial massage
Massage is the best way to deal with bags under the eyes. According to a star beautician Cecilia Wong, the massage procedure is not only stimulating blood circulation, but also helps to get rid of premature facial wrinkles. Massage the skin around the eyes with your fingers: push the cheekbone; move from the outside to the inside of the upper eyelid. Repeat three times.

2. Sleeping on your back
The oldest and proven beauty lifehack is an eight-hour sleep. However, it is important not only how much you sleep, but also in what position. Doctors advise sleeping on the back. Star beautician Renée Rouleau are sure that sleeping on the tummy is the most common cause of wrinkles after the ultraviolet radiation.

3. Use the Salt
Use ice or salt to remove an inflamed pimple. Sea salt has excellent antibacterial properties. It helps to release the pores and reduce inflammation. Karen Young, a founder of the cosmetics line Oui Shave, advise to mix one teaspoon of salt with a small amount of water to form a paste and then apply on the pimple and wash off after an hour (10 minutes if you have sensitive skin).

4. Wash your hands
The first rule: do not touch the face with your hands throughout the day. You just need to start looking after yourself and gradually wean yourself from this habit. Do not underestimate the harm of this habit. Your hands are covered with millions of bacteria that come to you from the door handles, computers, and other things. When you touch your face, bacteria spread and cause inflammation. Therefore, the more often you wash your hands, the better it for your skin.

5. Home peel
You should clean your facial skin properly. All purchased gels and soap for washing disturb the natural balance of fat, the skin begins to produce more fat, which develops and harmful bacteria that cause irritation.
You can do peeling as a mask at home. Star beautician Georgia Louise advises making scrubs with a home means. Mix two tablespoons of soda with a spoon of water and add a little lemon juice. Then put the mask on your face, hold for five minutes, until it is slightly dry up and rinse.

6. Cant
The famous asana “upside down dog” is very useful for the skin because the blood rushes to the face. If during the yoga lessons you stay in this position for 4-5 minutes, it will stimulate blood circulation, and as a result, you will get a healthy glow.

7. Drink water with lemon
No super-moisturizing cream will help if the body is experiencing water shortages. You may not feel this deficit, but it will be reflected on the skin in a form of peeling, irritations, and other problems. Renée Rouleau offers to squeeze a lemon into a cup of hot water and drink immediately after awakening. This drink cleanses the body and helps eliminate toxins that trigger rashes.

8. Good mood is the guarantee of healthy and clean skin
Try to enjoy every day, notice less bad things and more good ones and soon life will seem much nicer and better. Constant good mood will help your skin to become healthier and cleaner.

If you follow these simple rules, your skin will change for the better very soon. Just try it, because it is not costly.

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