8 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Everyday Make Up


It’s easy to get a little too “extra” with your everyday make up look. On the flip side, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to what you wear on your face as your everyday makeup look. Here are eight mistakes in the make-up you can easily fix when doing your face each day.


8 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Everyday Make Up


1. Overdoing the eyebrows

“Every time I see people with too sculpted eyebrows, it seems to me that they are angry,” – says Romy Soleimani. Along with that, eyebrows mandatory should be drawn. And in a case of the full make-up, it should be done a little more active. Due to the very rare eyebrow, you might lose the whole image.

Are you still drawing black eyebrows? This is acceptable only if your hair is raven black. In other cases, you should discard the black color. Otherwise, you won’t get the well-groomed natural appearance you.

Choose pencil, eye shadow, or eyebrow coloring gel based on your hair color. Always combine warm tones together and cold tones with the cold ones. Ideally, the eyebrow color should be one tone darker than the hair roots for blondes, and one tone lighter for brunettes.

2. Too much contouring, strobing, and other methods of facial correction in a daily make-up

Girls should stop focusing on photographs of models and stars from magazines and the red carpet. For example, the makeup artist Quinn Murphy tries to make contouring realistic and subtle. Of course, there are situations when contouring is appropriate, but not in everyday life. What looks good in the spotlight may look too bright with natural light.

Do not use the means for contouring at all or select only one of them. For example, after the tone and concealer, gently apply a darker color (it can be a liquid sculptor or a bronzer) under the cheekbones and jawline with the other side of the sponge. There should be no hard lines, but a smooth transition.

“Give your skin a rest. If you spend so much time on the face correction, then, maybe a visit to a dermatologist will correct the situation?”- says Daniel Martin.

3. Poor lighting

Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg focuses on the fact that you must not do make-up with a poor lighting.

4. Wrong foundation

Many women pick the tone of foundation based on the color of the neck. But often the neck skin is lighter than in the upper chest. Jamie Greenberg advises to choose a tone based on décolleté color, and then just apply the tonal cream to the neck.

5. Too much foundation

Apps like Facetune make people use more cosmetics. However, a person has pores, contours, and imperfections. Naturally, a woman wants to be a better version of her, but still it is pleasant to look at a live person, but not the image.

6. Use cosmetics with toxic ingredients

Make it a rule to study the composition of the cosmetics that you purchase. Katey Denno advises seeking cosmetics with organic ingredients. The world of non-toxic cosmetics is huge and beautiful, and there is no reason to deny it.

7. Experiment in a hurry

Jamie Greenberg advises: “Never try anything new if you have a lack of time”. Sometimes the result may not satisfy you, but you won’t have time to change it.

8. Use too many different products

Primer, tone, sculptor, highlighter, powder, bronzer… Once you go out in the sun, it will not look so good. The fact that someone with the same make-up looks good on YouTube or Instagram, does not mean that in real life you will achieve the same effect.

Of course, there are plenty of mistakes that can be done with the make-up and many more techniques on how to avoid them. Try not to make these common mistakes and you will always be a star!

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