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designer dialogue
designer dialogue

Designer Dialogue: totem color


  Sometimes Isis enjoys shopping in the men’s section at H&M, “the more androgyny the better” she tells me it is maybe Designer Dialogue.
They are pieces that she makes for her Etsy shop, SenseSense also has an arbitrary nature about them where they can’t be defined as masculine or feminine.
Originally designed for women, Isis was surprised to find that men were also coveting her wares, in particular the nailed ring and the original spike stud ring.
For this reason, it is called Designer Dialogue.
Edgy and sexy – these punk rock-inspired pieces are great for sharing or stealing from your significant other.


 How did the designer dialogue all begin?

Jewelry had always been an interest throughout college, but it became more than just school projects in July of 2011
. Almost all of the creative team was laid-off at the job I was at, and so all of a sudden I was left with nothing to create.
I didn’t want to have a gap in my portfolio, so you started designing jewelry as filler so that when the time came to have job interviews
, my prospective employer could see that I was constantly creating in some sort of way.
Then you decided to put up the 3 or so designs I had at the time on Etsy, and it just grew from there. totem color blog.

Are your edgy yet minimalist pieces a reflection of your style? Yes, my
 Read mo/

Designer Dialogue: Fashion designer quotes

jewelry is a total reflection of my style
. It is said that a good designer creates for the benefit of the user; not the designer, but I’m pretty selfish when it comes to my jewelry!
Every item is something I want to wear and I constantly rotate pieces throughout the week.
In my mind two components battle each other – one wants to create just lots of fierce, aggressive forms; a Large killer whale totem team.

 Small quotes for design:

the other delights in the smallest, delicate forms and clean, sparse lines. So I try to marry the two and that’s basically what my jewelry ends up becoming.
you always pop my accessories – my clothing is super minimal. I always like a plain tunic/dress, or T-shirt and shorts/leggings/pants.
I like to stack my thin rings, mix and match. Bracelets I like to wear one on each wrist – this way they’re more like armor and a part of the outfit rather than just decoration.

There are a lot of spikes and studs in your designs – what about that inspires you?

When I was growing up in the Venice neighborhood of L.A, all my friends were misfits.

When we were 13 and discovered punk rock we delighted in all things patched, studded, pierced, grungy, and dirty; like the heroes in our favorite songs.

  • The spikes and studs just reinvigorate that sense of don’t-give-a-f*** rebellion and it’s just nice walking down the street feeling like a badass, don’t you think?
  • Female graphic designer quote:

  • ;

  • You live in Los Angeles, are you influenced by the street style? What trends do you see in LA that you love or hate? 

    You can’t be from L. A and not be inspired by the streets and the people who inhabit them.
There are a million tattoo and piercing shops all over L. A – piercings inspired many of my pieces. I love the simple/grungy style here in L.A.
It’s very I-don’t-give-a-f***. Adversely, it’s not a fashion trend but it bothers me when I see bad graffiti.
Maybe it’s just the art school grad in me but when I see bad art, something that just doesn’t make any sense or wasn’t thought out, it just bugs me.
I see graffiti as a reflection of the people in the city, and I just don’t want to be associated with bad art! Hah!





New York Fashion Week is right around the corner and Clover Canyon will be making its debut on the rule.

Male graphic designer quote:


Based in Los Angeles, the designer Rozae Nichols is not new to the fashion scene but her modern and youthful pieces are a breath of fresh air.

She combines colors, shapes, and details with the skill of a fine artist – creating a final product to be worn rather than displayed.

There is a carefree elegance to her clothes defined by the lightweight textiles and beautiful silhouettes.

One of my favorite things about Clover Canyon is that every collection is designed,

cut, and sewn in Los Angeles – giving the pieces the California vibe that can only truly be achieved by locals.

you love the bold prints, bright colors, and subtle transparency on this maxi.

It’s perfect for beautiful summer days and warm summer nights.

Designer Dialogue: Totem Color Blocks:

When I first connected with Pamela she was in the process of making pieces for three sisters in Italy,

someone in Bangkok and a woman in Australia, “I love Etsy for that kind of experience” she told me.

Pamela spends her creative days in the tiny garage that she converted into a metal and wood shop or the room in her home that consumed so much of her work that it naturally became her studio.

Much like her designs, Pamela’s workspace is a rich source of color inspiration – filled with artwork from friends, art books, and a collection of beautiful tools.

She keeps her studio organized as a strategy rather than a chore.

Every paintbrush and jar of powder pigment has a place.

Having worked in fine art object conservation, Pamela has learned that a “neat workspace is a safe one, necessary when you are working on priceless works of art.”

Graphic design quote for designer dialogue:

Architecturally trained, Pamela brilliantly combines color, landscape, and form to produce artistic jewelry reminiscent of monuments and tall buildings.

Structured and abstract. Dramatic and simple. The hand-painted totem necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are truly works of wearable art.

You grew up in a forest! How did living so close to nature inspire you? My childhood in the forest, near a beautiful lake, informed me who I am as an artist entirely.

 practically lived outside and was always dialed into the natural environment, its subtleties, its textures, its aromas, its seasonal changes of colors.

What are some of your favorite colors:

formed clay sculptures from the lake bottom and made shrines and assemblages in my room, much to my mother’s chagrin, with everything I could drag in from the outdoors.

 Where do you get your materials for designer dialogue?

 you use traditional acrylic emulsion paints in my Totem work.
but we mix them with pure powder pigments to add depth, saturation and to create a particular color.
Powder pigments adorn my daydreams. you can get lost in a jar of ultramarine blue or red-violet
. Colors that I like to live within my interior spaces are different than the ones I like to use in my art. Large killer whale totems are very popular.
My favorite interior color is actually white.
Conceptually, it’s all the colors in the spectrum plus it’s bright, clean, renewing, sets off all other colors, and reminds me of fresh snow.
Other colors I like to live with are robins egg blue and this incredible shade of coral that is very difficult to produce.Totem pole maintenance.
Colors you will never see on my paintbrush.

You have a great appreciation for art

– what are some of your favorite museums to visit?

 I’ve worked in a few museums and went to school next to one at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

we  consider every museum my church but a few that continue to make me swoon:

The Tate Modern and The Getty for their architecture, collections, and great exhibits.which I would love to visit someday called i8 Gallery.

Handpicked Favorites: Set the Curve designer dialogue:

You don’t have to be in grade school to utilize these smart finds.

More chic than elementary, these back-to-school accessories will have you acing your next big presentation, office meeting, or brainstorm session in serious style.


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