Hair Care Tips For the Fall Months


Fall is a surprising and highly controversial season. The word “fall” brings people a wide variety of associations: for someone, it is consonant with the rustle of fallen leaves and a slight breath of wind, while others hear a sad dismal rain and a quiet rustle of leaving summer steps.

Of course, this beautiful season has minuses also. A sharp change in weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, decline in solar activity, and long rains – all this has a negative impact not only on human well-being and mood but also on its appearance, including the hair condition.


Hair Care Tips For the Fall Months


Hair problems in the fall

Fall is a difficult period for the human body, during which it makes physiological adaptation to changes in the environment. The fall season is often accompanied by exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs, a slowdown of the synthesis of hormones (androgens, endorphins and other), which are responsible for hair growth. All these combined with so-called external factors lead to various seasonal hair problems, which include:

  • hair dehydration
  • fragile, split ends
  • frizzy curls
  • ¬†growth slowdown and massive hair losse
  • loss of natural sheene
  • lack of volume
  • dandruff

In most of the cases, to maintain the hair health in the fall just it is enough to provide it with a quality care, which includes measures for protecting hair from the effects of negative factors and regular special beauty treatments.


The basic rules of fall hair care

To prepare the hair for the autumn period properly, you need to adhere to the following rules.

First, you need to cut off the tips of the hair, even if they seem healthy. This procedure is an obligatory stage of care in the fall. This will give your hair a well-groomed appearance and increase the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.

Since in the autumn the dryness of curls increases, one of the main conditions for the preservation of their health is the systematic hydration. To do this, you need to use detergents (shampoos and conditioners), which have in the content vegetable oils.

You should refuse to use the “2 in 1” detergents because they are not able to provide your hair a complete care. Shampoo, conditioner and hair mask is better to buy separately, and it is desirable that all of the products are from the same series.

During the cold season, you should wash your hair at least an hour before leaving the house. Of course, the hair must be dried before going out (preferably in a natural way, without a hair dryer).

It is also recommended to refrain from procedures such as chemical coloring and hair perming. If the need for such manipulation occurs, it is necessary to give preference to hair dyes without ammonia.

The main enemies of hair beauty in the autumn season are considered low temperatures and cold winds. Therefore, before going out it is necessary to protect your hair with a convenient headgear.

To keep hair in perfect condition throughout the fall period, adequate nutrition not only outside but also inside should be provided. For this, you need to monitor the diet, which should include foods that contain sufficient amounts of vitamins A and E, as well as important minerals (selenium, zinc, copper, potassium, etc.). The list of such products includes onions, garlic, low-fat fish, shrimp, various vegetables and fruits, nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Proper hair care along with usage of homemade masks can do wonders. Thanks to this combination your hair will soon become a subject of your pride and the reason for a great mood.

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