How to Choose & Apply Face Powder Like a Pro


Choosing and applying face powder properly

Powder has been living in female beauticians from the time of ancient Egypt, and for centuries, its formula has evolved from a powdered clay, chalk and flour to the fine texture with caring ingredients. The powder can be used not only as an independent makeup tool, but also to fix the foundation and corrector. Depending on your desire and choice, a powder will give you a slight skin glow, tanning effect, or haze.

First, determine the type of texture: loose powder use at home and apply with a very large brush all over the face; compact powder with a puff or sponge make a faithful companion on the road. If you keep the sponge in the powder box, make sure that there always will be a transparent protective film between it and the powder. The sponge absorbs dust, sweat and dirt, which can change the color and reduce the life of tonal resources, and the most important – cause rashes. You can use cotton pads instead of the sponge and change them every day. Anyway, wash brushes and sponges every week. A conventional shampoo is suitable for this purpose.

In addition, today on the market, you can find a transparent powder, which does not have a masking effect, but on the contrary, emphasizes the dignity of a face and saves it from oily sheen. Only the owners of perfectly smooth and clear skin with no pronounced wrinkles, age spots, and enlarged pores can use this powder. In turn, for women with very sensitive skin prone to redness, experts recommend the use of a special powder with a greenish tinge, which visually corrects face complexion. We should also highlight the talcum powder with an anti-inflammatory effect, which is created specifically for ladies who have problem skin. It can be used not only to mask minor defects, but also to prevent the inflammatory processes that are usually accompanied by acne.

Givenchy creative director Nicolas Dezhen recommends testing the powder tone on your face, but not on hand. If in doubt, take a transparent powder, which is suitable for any skin color. For oily skin, look for the options with matting properties. Cream powder suitable for dry skin as usually its composition contains oil or moisturizing components. On vacation it is recommended to take a powder with SPF – it will not prevent sunburn, but additionally protects against solar radiation.

How to apply powder?

When the powder is selected in accordance with all requirements and features of the face, the next task is to apply it correctly and accurately. It must be remembered that the powder can be used only if the skin is free from dirt and dead skin particles of the epidermis. Otherwise, all of these deficiencies won’t be masked, but became more visible. Before applying the powder, moisten your face with the help of a day cream, on top of which a foundation is usually applied. These cosmetic products have to be absorbed properly, and their excess must be removed.

Typically, a powder is applied with a wide soft brush evenly over the skin. Make-up correction is possible by special powder puffs, which must be clean and dry.

Be careful with flickering textures. When using them instead of a highlighter, underline only the top of the cheekbones, nose back, and upper lip contour. If you overdo it, take a kabuki brush, dip it in a transparent or matted powder, and polish shiny zones by making a circular motion. When applying powder on a dry skin, try not to apply it under the eyes, in order not to emphasize wrinkles. If the skin is oily, cover the second layer on the T-zone and chin.

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