How to Dry Your Hair to Avoid Heat Damage


How To Dry Your Hair: Tips And Lifehacks

Of course, you remember how beautiful and carefully your tresses lay after the hairdresser dry them in a salon. And why we cannot achieve the same effect at home? One of the reasons is improper drying. Here we will tell you how to dry your hair properly to preserve its health and beauty.

Major Mistakes

It turns out that a right hair dryer plays not the last role. That is why hair dryers in salons are different from in the home ones. According to Schwarzkopf professionals, it is important that the dryer will have at least three temperature modes, and the control modes of air flow rate. Why is this necessary?

Hair is a tube with the cortex, which occupies 85% of the rod. Outside, a cuticle, consisting of transparent particles of keratin, surrounds it. If the hair is healthy, particles are adjacent to each other tightly and protect hair from damage. The breach of integrity leads to visible problems – split ends, breakage, and dryness.

Hot air disrupts the cuticle and deducts from it not only the excess moisture, but also the necessary one, which leads to damage of the hair.

Another mistake is to dry very wet hair. That means to blow hot air right after the shower. The best option is to wet them with a microfiber towel and wait until they dry by 60-70%. Thereafter, you can dry hair with a dryer, but only with a cool air.

At the same time leave the hair wet for too long is also harmful. The excess moisture, which is located inside of the cuticle, can also affect the health. So don’t go to bed with wet hair. In this condition, the hair is damaged more easily.

Some Advice

1.Use thermal protection spray. Now there are plenty of them for every taste and budget. If you use styling products, look for those that contain thermal protection components.

2. Do not dry the whole shock at a time. Divide the hair into layers and dry slowly, separating the strands. Thus, you will dry hair uniformly without directing the hot air to the same place, which will keep them healthy.

3. Do not rub your hair with a towel. Use microfiber towels instead. They absorb water quicker and do not irritate the cuticle.

4. Keep the dryer at a distance of 15-20 cm from the hair while drying.

5. Monitor the temperature. If possible, use cold air, and if you hurry, it is better to increase the air flow rate, but not the temperature. You can buy a hair dryer with ionization: negatively charged ions transform water into tiny particles and hair are drying faster, which means you are less likely to harm them.

6. Use a hair conditioner. Yes, the air conditioner does not only soften the hair, but also helps them to dry faster, because the silicone in its composition envelops hair and repels water. For uniform distribution of the air conditioner, use a conventional comb with wide teeth.

7. Use the right brush. The wider the brush you use, the softer hair will be. If your brush has a metallic center, do not forget that it is heated like an iron and also burns your hair, so cut the drying time. For thick hair, combs with nylon teeth suit the best.

8. Let your hair cool down. When doing your hair with a round or flat brush, do not remove the comb immediately – let the strands cool on it. So you can better fix the result, and you do not have to re-style your hair tomorrow.

9. Do not forget about the nozzle. We are talking about the nozzle that is in the kit. It directs the flow, so the hair dry faster, and therefore suffers less.

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