How to Rock the Grey Hair Trend


Many women like noble ashy colors and shades of hair, but it is very difficult to achieve the color that a girl from the picture has at home. The decision to dye hair in a gray color is not an easy choice. If a professional does the coloring, the result can be very attractive.

Grey color is the most difficult among the others, so that even masters, working in hair salons, can’t always make it perfect. The main thing is to remember that the path towards the perfect gray hair is not easy. Let’s learn a little bit more about painting in the gray color.

When does the hair become gray naturally?

The average gray hair appears at 30 years. Hereditary tendency to early gray hair may be determined only by genetics, but, in fact, the first gray hair can appear at any age. Scientists agree on one thing: bad ecology, metabolism, smoking, lack of sleep, stress, lack of amino acids, zinc, vitamin B12 – all that causes premature aging, including the appearance of gray hair.

What is the gray hair?

In fact, this is hair with depleted melanocytes – the cells that are responsible for melanin production, and therefore the color disappears.

When should I start to dye over naturally gray hair?

At first, gray hair can be cut. Also, women start using matting mousses, gels, toners, and low-oxidant hair-dyes. They cover gray hair, leaving the natural hair color. Some gray strands can be simply lightened or darken. It is important that a gray hair always grows back again if it is pulled out.

Why girls dye their hair, imitating the gray hair?

Gray hair is no longer a sign of maturity, but the fashionable color and, in fact, continuation of the story about the hair color. Today, Lady Gaga, Kelly Osborne, and Kylie Jenner presented to the public the results of experiments with gray color. Only a few famous young boys dared to shock the audience with unusual strands, but it is noted that more mature men with a noble gray hair again attract the attention of millions of fans. You can verify this by paying attention to the images of Ben Stiller, Sean Connery, and George Clooney.

How to get silver hair?

Modern manufacturers of hair dyes offer a wide range of facilities for dyeing hair in gray tones. The least impact and the extent of damage are caused to blond hair. Their dyeing can be performed without the additional blonding. For gray on dark hair, it should be pre-decolorized and then toned to the desired shade. Moreover, if the strands of the original color were dark, experts recommend the use of special additional toning substances that can get rid of the yellow tinge.

Any shade of gray will look bright on your hair if it is pre-discolored. Grey color is achieved by the direct and permanent dyes. Direct dye gives a denser, saturated color, but it is washed off quickly. Permanent dye gives a more stable result, but it is more harmful.

The path to the perfect result can be thorny. For ideal gray shade, you definitely should visit a beauty salon. Thus, you can safely avoid the disaster. If the product proportion is selected improperly, your hair will be either dark gray or dirty green. As with any other color, gray is difficult to maintain at home. You should use a special shampoo for gray and blonde hair that gives a light gray shade.

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