How To Wash Off Self-Tan


Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are dreaming of a beautiful tan, which is able to emphasize the dignity of the body shape and give the female a special charm. However, not everyone is able to achieve the desired result: some women do not have enough time to visit the beach or the solarium, while others cannot tan because of individual features. That is why most women prefer to use alternative ways of acquiring a golden skin tone – means for self-tanning, thanks to which every beauty with light skin can turn into a charming mulatto in just a few hours.

But sometimes it happens that the use of tanning gives the most unpredictable results. Instead of the seductive tone, the skin gains the unhealthy yellowness, covered with spots and stains that can be a disaster, especially if an important meeting is scheduled the next day.

Reasons for removing self-tan

Tanning is the fastest and safest (in comparison with other types of tanning) way to acquire a beautiful golden skin tone. This procedure is based on the coloring of the dermis upper layer with special products containing dihydroxyacetone substance or color pigments. The skin tone changing process occurs without UV.

The effect of self-tanning is individual and depends on the skin type and its characteristics, so it is difficult to predict the result in advance. Some women are disappointed with the achieved results, and therefore experience the feeling to get rid of fake tan as soon as possible, and there are several reasons:
– poorly chosen color (too saturated);
– poor-quality self-tanning cream that can give the skin an unhealthy yellowness;
– uneven skin tone (stains, smudges, and streaks);
– discomfort after the procedure (allergic reactions, itching, and peeling of the skin);
– pigmentation disorders.

It should be noted that the result of self-tanning cream should not be evaluated immediately, but only after 2-3 hours. This time is normally required for the appearance of color. And only then, if necessary, you can start adjusting or washing the acquired tan.

How to wash off self-tanning at home
To remove a tan at home, you need to steam the skin first. You can take a hot shower or bath to which you must add 1 liter of milk or 1-2 sliced lemons. Water treatments should last about 25-30 minutes. After you can use the following methods to remove the unwanted color:

• At the beginning, try to get rid of tan using a hard sponge to gently massage the skin for a few minutes. To enhance the effect, you can previously use the body scrub made from one tablespoon of ground coffee, mixed with a portion of any shower gel. If desired, the coffee can be replaced with sea salt. This procedure will not only help to whiten the skin, but also return her softness and silkiness.

• As delicate bleach, you can also use the infusion of parsley, made of two tablespoons of chopped herbs and 200 ml of boiling water. Let the mixture brew for about 30 minutes, then strain the solution and wipe your skin with it.

• Another method to make the artificial tanning less noticeable is the use of means or a lotion intended for removing makeup. Such a method is considered to be quite gentle, and that’s why it is perfect for owners of sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. Apply a small amount of the selected means on a cotton pad and wipe all the necessary areas of the skin (including the face). The only drawback of this technique is a rather weak effect, so in a case of an emergency, it may be inappropriate to use. It is recommended to use more powerful tools for this purpose.

It is important to bear in mind that after whitening procedures you should avoid subsequent staying under the sun, as some bronzer means may increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV light.

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