How to Wear Leather Pants


Today, leather is at the height of hipness – femininity seasoned with a pinch of brutality begins to stand out even more on the leather background. It is actively used with spikes, riveting, and skull prints. Rock subject is very relevant. Not so long ago, leather pants were a blue dream of all fashionmongers and now they are present in the trendiest looks again. Neither designers nor the public just cannot say goodbye to them.

Leather pants should be close-fitting shape to look stylish and up to date. Remember, this is not the regular pants. Leather pants should fit as tight as leggings. For this purpose, a zipper is provided on the lower legs, otherwise, you won’t be able not just to wear them, but to push your foot.

It should be noted that the leather pants do not always look better. They will last longer if they are made of natural material. Modern fabrics that mimic the leather, create more comfort: they are more elastic, plastic, and breathable. To see the difference between leather pants made of genuine leather and the imitations of it, you should try both of them. Then you can easily select the appropriate pants for you. But what to wear with the leather pants? In fact, nothing complicated and with a little effort, you can create some beautiful images.


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The easiest option is a combination of leather pants and a jacket; this option is a good outfit for a party. For black trousers and jacket, it is best to choose a gentle, solid color of the top – beige, pink, mint, lilac, or coral. Let the handbag be not brutal, but quite a girlish – a little crossbody bag or a clutch. A light, feminine makeup and hairstyle will finish the look. Fleece, bright lipstick, and shadows will make the wrong impression.

Leather pants look very interesting with a white, red or black shirt. Pick a tight shirt and tuck it in the belt. To make your image brighter you can add a wide belt with beautiful noticeable buckle. From shoes, leather boots with high heels are preferred.

Try on the leather pants with a knitted cardigan with buttons. You can select short or long model – both of them will look good. Wear a simple shirt or top under the cardigan; hook it sloppy and not all the buttons. Nowadays, cardigans adorned with brooches, embroidery or applique on the back can be found for sale. If this is your style – then try to combine a cardigan with leather pants. Shoes with thick sole and ankle boots fit this look the best.

Leather pants can also be combined with the contrast top. A good example of such combination is a thin chiffon or silk blouse with frills or a bow on the chest. The blouse can be of any color, but with black leather pants printed python patterns, purple, gray and silver, pearl, lemon, emerald green, beige, and bright blue look the best. Classic leather or patent leather black pumps will harmoniously complete the image. This look will be appropriate to meet with friends in a cafe or restaurant, for a date, or a concert.

Leather pants can be worn every day. To do this, pick a large, long knitted sweater or tunic of thick knitwear. You should feel as comfortable as possible. Wear comfortable shoes on a wide sole or no heel. In the city, it’s very convenient not to use a bag, but a small leather backpack.

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