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Jewellery Shop

Jewelry Shop: Start of the first journey

Jewelry Shops are very popular for all people.

When Moura was fifteen, she began writing music of the indie/folk class.

At nineteen, she recorded an album (listen here).

Today she is the designer and owner of Moorea Seal.

I think it is my best Jewelry Shop, where I was inspired.

Generally, The mountain necklace is composed of falling quartz stones.

Simple Mehendi designs for hands for beginners.

Online pawn Etsy jewelry Shop is near to our residence.

Gold plate-lightening spike earrings.

Chevron leather necklace in warm autumn.

Therefore, Colors are just a few items that define her bohemian, city-chic aesthetic.

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When I Start Making my Jewelry Shop:

When Moorea is not designing jewelry,

she is designing blogs with Freckled Nest Designs.

A boutique web design company based in Canada.

She also writes a highly addictive personal blog.

where she chronicles notable and artistic journeys.

As a result, A road trip from Seattle to New York

transformed a pair of white shorts to dip dye shorts.

Kendra Scott is near me.

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When and how did the jewelry making start?

At the end of college,

He was interested in figuring out, how to meld my fine art background with a career.

I could live off of it.

 I wasn’t very interested in sculpture during college.

but once I started working for a sculptor.

I  saw all of the different ways you can sculpt.

 All the ways you can take inspiration from it. Karen Scott’s jewelry shop is popular for all.

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Jewelry Shop: The actual time of starting

In short, I started to see jewelry as a sort of miniature wearable sculpture medium.

  And from there, I dove into jewelry design teaching myself along the way.

 My dad would also make jewelry for my Mom.

When I was younger out of really interesting material like,

1000-year-old Egyptian beads or religious beads from Tibet.

Usually, Which taught me that even jewelry can represent something greater,

more powerful, and even spiritual.


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Where do you make your jewelry  Shop?

Because it is in the community center,
Finally, I have the opportunity to connect more with the other folks in the center.
who are all wonderful and inspiring people?
When I work, it’s probably about 70% computer work
and 30% making jewelry.
So I love listening to NPR, radio shows like This American Life.
I’ll scan Spotify for new music.
I also have a little bit of a reality tv addiction.
.  I sometimes will watch tv while I’m making jewelry or packaging jewelry.
  Reality tv doesn’t take much concentration to follow.

How do you style your pieces?

Are they a reflection of your style?           
 I would say my jewelry shop is partly my style. 
I like everything that I make,
there’s no point in creating things you don’t like!
Particularly, I try to think about different styles.
It still falls under the arch of Bohemian.
 But Edgy but can work for a different type of woman.
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Accordingly, Some pieces are better suited for girls.
who want to make a big statement.
while others are more simple and can be worn by anyone any day.
I think it is important to be inclusive.

What is your jewelry-making process like?

Oh man, there is no one way of gaining inspiration.
  Sometimes I could gain inspiration from images.
Above all, I want to reflect on my brand.
  Sometimes I gain inspiration from the place where I live.
Many of the people in it still adore nature.
the rural places outside of the city. 
I try to keep the mood going within my jewelry.
A love for the shine and sharp edges of the city.
Along with the feeling of nature.
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How did your jewelry line begin?
I started the line after finishing my education at the Gemological Institute of America.  I had been designing for various companies before then and felt that it was time for me to work on developing my collection.  My first collection was handmade, hand-hammered, and finished with rough diamonds.  I still love that line so much!
Who is the Tiffany Kunz Jewelry girl?
It’s truly hard for me to label it to a specific type of woman and that is one of my favorite things about it.  It reaches so many different age groups and styles.  Mothers and daughters will shop together for it and I have clients of all different career paths.  I think the main thing that all the ladies that wear our line have in common is that they appreciate comfort and effortless style.  All of the jewelry collections can be worn together so it’s easy to throw on without too much thinking and feel good throughout the day.     
What’s your favorite piece from your collection? How would you style it?
My favorite pieces right now are the peril studs and cusp ear cuff from our new Arc Collection.  I wear both sizes of studs layered up and then throw on some ear cuffs on each side to finish the look.  It’s a bit edgier than past designs but still very wearable.
Describe your perfect LA day
My husband Bob and I are coffee fanatics so it would start with going to one of the many amazing coffee shops in the arts district (my favorite district downtown) like Stumptown or Handsome roasters.  Then heading to the beach.  I love the beach!  Especially when it’s a bit chilly and I can wrap up in a blanket.  Reading a book and sipping on champagne while Bob surfs is my favorite.  Then we head over to Father’s office or Lukshon in Culver city for dinner.  I love relaxing!  My day to day is pretty nonstop so every chance I get to slow down is like a little vacation for me


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